How We Got Started

The Sock Cop was created in 2004 out of absolute necessity.  As busy parents of four young children, inventors Rich and Susan O’Connor were tired of struggling each day with the frustration of sorting socks, lost and mismatched socks.


One day while sorting a mountain of socks, Susan turned to Rich and said "I can’t believe someone hasn’t invented a way to keep socks together in the washer and dryer that actually works." Shortly after that, Rich began experimenting with numerous designs and materials, including melted down shower curtains, which didn’t work well.


Although there was a tremendous need for a solution to this problem, they couldn’t find a product that effectively solved the age-old problem of lost socks!  The challenge was to design a sock clip that would be washer and dryer safe, keep its integrity when subjected to extremely high temperatures found in most dryers, not be affected by chemicals such as bleach and laundry detergents, be simple enough to use, and remain safe and effective on any size sock. 


Through God’s inspiration, numerous prototypes and stubborn persistence, they developed the Sock Cop as it is today – FUNCTIONAL, SAFE and EASY TO USE.


Sock Cop is an innovative product designed to withstand temperatures over 300 degrees, most dryers have maximum temperatures of 180 degrees. Sock Cop is manufactured and packaged in the USA.  Sock Cop has been a featured product and received national recognition on Good Morning America, HGTV "I Want That!", Jay Leno Show and Good Housekeeping Magazine, ALL*YOU, Real Simple and Better Homes and Gardens Magazines.


For the past 10 years Sock Cop has helped thousands of families save time, money and eliminate the everyday hassle of sorting socks, lost and mis-matched socks.  Rich O’Connor has been a police officer for over 25 years and says, "Although his profession had no bearing on the invention of the Sock Cop, it was instrumental in the naming of the product."